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August 13, 2021

South Africa has practiced and modeled good science and good sense in detecting, assessing and sequencing the Omicron variant of COVID-19. Or, as we’ve dubbed it here, the “OMG! Variant.” The cretins at the helm of the international COVID cartel, based in DC, were having none of it. Ethics and efficacy be dammed, they suspended travel to and from a poor nation, South Africa, which, unlike China—free to spread disease with impunity—is incapable of retaliating. For this and much more; David and ilana think The West is a disgrace. David has been banned by Jack Dorsey’s Twitter; ilana is shadow-banned and throttled. But for the Wokerati, Dorsey is just not woke enough. Enter Parag Agrawal. Twitter’s new CEO is even less wedded to the First Amendment of the US Constitution than Dorsey. Agrawal, whose ideas about American liberty come from Stanford, Microsoft and Mumbai, thinks his role is to make public discourse healthier. Oh, for the days when businessmen stuck to their mandate: doing business.

Dorsey out, even more Woke in; and the OMG! variant whacks the West


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has agreed to release the data upon which it relied to license Pfizer’s mRNA Covid-19 vaccine by the year … 2076, over the course of the next 55 years!! What this means is that the FDA has de facto classified this data, belatedly requested, via the Freedom of Information Act by “more than 30 professors and scientists from universities including Yale, Harvard, UCLA and Brown.” Candace Owens delivers a knee-capping of a different kind to an exceedingly vulnerable Caucasian America. To wit, Darrell Brooks is the black supremacist who used his vehicle to mow down and murder white grannies and grandkids parading in Waukesha, Wisconsin. But if you dared to consider the race of Brooks in a hate crime motivated by race—you were boorishly berated by Owens as “brainwashed!” HARD TRUTH with David Vance and ilana mercer debates these and other thorny issues and wishes a happy Thanksgiving to our American Hard Truthers!

FDA Makes Fools Of Pfizer ‘Clot-Shot’ Recipients; Candace Kneecaps Caucasians


Hard Truth with David Vance and ilana Mercer teases out the difference between British and American vaccine-mandate tyranny: The US loses. And, it’s not even close! W.H.O. redefines what vaccines are whilst Pfizer produces a Pill less effective than Ivermectin, costs vastly more, yet works in the same way! Finally, Greta Thunberg goes death metal!

Take Your Medicine, Little Man, Or Lose Your Meal Ticket


Did you know that the more efficient the source of energy, the less waste and pollution are involved in its conversion into energy? Think of the totality of the production process! The fewer resources expended in bringing a fuel to market, the cleaner and cheaper is the process. This is why gasoline is such a glorious resource. BUT, gaseous President Joe Brandon and the Limousine liberals at COP26, in Glasgow, prefer to clear cut land, to make ways for that “apex predator,” the killer en masse of birds: the wind turbine.

The Wokerati Is Beaten In US Elections; Learjet Liberals Plot Against Gasoline & Goshawks In Glasgow


New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, boasts about having created two classes of people in her diabolical democracy: the unvaccinated (villains all) and the vaccinated (virtuous). An Austrian chancellor reveals his plans to place Austria’s unvaccinated under house arrest. Stateside, Noam Chomsky, a progressive “intellectual,” wants to see the unvaccinated reduced by the state to a "Hunger Games" type fight to survive: sequestered, waiting till dark to scrounge for scraps. And, Republicans? They prattle about religious exemptions (state granted!) and natural-immunity based exemptions (state granted!)---but they have not the vaguest urge to defend the natural, God-given right of self-ownership. These and more Hard Truth with David Vance and ilana mercer.

Toward The Covid-Centered Anthill Society: Nobody Identifies & Defends The Individual Right Of Self-Ownership


Are we living in the last days of Rome? What role has Christianity played in bringing this about? Hard Truth confronts the unarguable fact that western civilisation is warping out of recognition. ilana and David ask why..

All Empires collapse, has the West reached tipping point, and if so, why?



Heroic horsemen rode to the rescue at Del Rio, along the US-Mexico border. Republicans could’ve whipped open-border degenerate Democrats with a principled case for sovereignty and self-defense, such as border-patrol horsemen were exercising. Instead, the Right chose to beat around the bush, sweating the redundant details: “Was it a whip or a rein?” Who cares, when our border-patrol heroes were doing the work of the Lord! David and ilana bring Hard Truth to the border.

In Praise Of Whipping Horsemen: To Whip Or To Rein Is Not The Question



David and ilana marvel at the institutional tolerance in the United States—among spineless Republicans, especially—for Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: In the dying days of the Trump presidency, Milley is alleged to have contacted the Chinese to promise them he’d give them plenty notice if the United States were to attack them. Azimuths (https://www.thefreedictionary.com/Azimuths) and all, presumably. Finally, pundits are using the “T” word; pundits, but not Republicans on Capitol Hill.

With Friends Like Gen. Mark Benedict Milley, America Doesn’t Need Enemies!.



In Canada, Justin Trudeau gets pelted by enraged Canadians; Dr Fauci is directly linked to the frankenstein science in the Wuhan lab; US Army has lost its purpose which is defending the homeland. All empires over stretch, then collapse

In the final days of Rome, Soyboy Trudeau gets gravelled On The Trail whilst Frankenstein Fauci Gets A Pass



Yes, we know it was chaos but then again there was no good way to leave that dusty hellhole. The best thing about Biden’s decisive Afghanistan departure was that he angered the girls and the “girly boys” of the networks as much as he infuriated the jingoists at Fox News. How good is that?! As always, we do get serious, and dish-out hard, immutable truths, so listen up!

Biden Decamps From dark ages Afghanistan, Infuriates Dems, GOPers And Globalists: BRAVO!



Hard Truth examines the wishy-washy work of anti-Trump, pro-censorship softie Douglas Murray and finds there is not much there. Little Lord Fauntleroy is intellectually naked.

The Murky, Meandering Douglas Murray, Darling of Conservatism Inc, leading us nowhere



In Sweden the military rally beneath the LGBTQ flag, saying this they will defend. But their primary purpose is to defend their borders and their people but they refuse to do that. WHY is the western military so emasculated? Might it be the feminine touch?

An effective Military Must Put Hets, Homos And Anything In Between Back into The Closet



David Vance and Ilana Mercer expose the hard truth about the Jan 6th show trials. There was no insurrection then but there is an inversion of reality and we spell the dangers out flowing from this.

January 6th Committee. Menstrual America Vs. MAGA America!



Mum is no longer the word. Something’s not quite right here. David and ilana unpack

Bearded Men Breast Feeding In Public: Paternal Or Kinky?



South Africa experiences horrendous violence but what lessons can we take from this? English football fans painted as "racist" for daring to boo millionaire footballers.

Real Riots In South Africa; Phony 'Racial Abuse' of pampered millionaire footballers In the UK



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